Weyermann Munich Malt Type 1

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EBC 12-18

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Munich malt Type 1.
EBC 12-18. Enzyme activity: medium
Kan bruges op til 100%

Made from the finest German quality brewing barley. The rich malt aroma and color of the malt are perfect for malt-forward and deeper color beer styles.

Sensory: pronounced malt aroma with notes of caramel, honey and bread
Special brew malt for light and dark beer styles, typically for:

Pale Lager; India Pale Lager
Amber Lager; International Amber Lager, Czech Amber Lager, Bamberger Maerzen, Rauchbier
Dark Lager; Munich Dunkel, Braunbier
Bock; Dark Double Bock
Strong Lager; Imperial Pilsener
Wheat Beer; Dark Wheat, Wheat Bock, German Rye beer
Pale Ale; Belgian Pale Ale
Amber Ale; Altbier
IPA; American IPA, Brown IPA
Strong Ale; Imperial Red Ale

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