Weyermann Pale Wheat Malt

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EBC 3-5


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Kan bruges op til 80%.
EBC 3-5. Enzyme activity: high

Made from the finest German quality wheat, this malt provides the perfect base for light wheat beers and other top-fermented beer specialties.

Sensory: Bread, nut, biscuit, toffee and light caramel notes
Special malt for top-fermented beer styles, typically for:

Wheat beer; American Wheat Beer, Leichtes Weizen, Weissbeer, Kristal Weizen, Bernsteinfarbenes Weizen, Dark Wheat beer, Weizenbock, American Wheat Wine, Berliner Weisse, Lambic and Fruit Lambic, Gueuze, Witbier, Gose, Lichtenhainer, Sathi
Pale Ale; Koelsch-style, Blonde Ale, Summer Ale, German Rye Beer, Juicy Pale Ale, Hazy Pale Ale
IPA; White IPA, Juicy IPA, Hazy IPA, NEIPA
Recommended addition: up to 80%.

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